Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goal Weight

When I started my weight loss, I made a realistic goal to shoot for. Then I reached that goal and made a new one. Then I reached THAT goal and made a new one. I think I am on my 4th weight loss goal at this point. I am very, very close to my next goal weight, but wonder if I should just continue doing what I am doing and see how far I go. I mean, I AM eating (probably the healthiest I have ever been) and I AM working out (hardly obsessive about it). How do you know when you have reached the goal your body decides is best for you? Just wait until you stop losing weight? I guess I haven't thought this through as much as I thought. With my next goal weight looming near, I find that I really don't have the answers yet... hmmmm. How do you know when to stop trying to lose weight and just work on maintaining?

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