Monday, April 9, 2012

Diet or Lifestyle?

Yesterday was Easter and it was also my diet "cheat day" and boy, did I ever. I hosted brunch at my house and made baked french toast casserole, spinach and gruyere breakfast strata, cinnamon rolls (see photo----> ) and sour cream coffee cake from scratch, ham-egg-and cheese croissants, bacon, and home fries. For dessert, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream (to celebrate my dad's birthday) and Easter themed cut out sugar cookies with icing. I did not count the calories in myfitnesspal. I am not even sure if I would have been able to.

When reflecting on the day with my husband, I told him that I felt like an alcoholic who took a drink after not having had one for months. After eating all of those rich, delicious treats, I keep looking for more and it took a lot of will power to not continue eating the junk. I was smart at least to send the left overs with my guests, so the temptations weren't so bad.

I am glad that today is like any other day again and I can get back on track. The structure seems to work better for me. I know where I stand with my diet at all times. After all of these changes though, this isn't really a diet, is it? It isn't like I am going to stop what I am doing and go back to where I was a year ago. I think I just need to remember that. One day is not going to send me back to a year ago. It is ok to take a day off and eat things or everything that is not good for you. Just go to bed, wake up and start over again...the right way.

So, I refuse to feel guilty about my actions. It was VERY yummy and today is a new day. I'm back to recording numbers in myfitnesspal and working out a little extra, pretending like it will undo all I did yesterday. LOL!

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