Friday, May 4, 2012

Fruit and nut bar

OK, It is official.  I have an unhealthy obsession for fruit and nut bars.  A few weeks ago, I started making my own LARA bars and now these.  Hi, my name is Kim and I have an addiction.  Who can blame me though?  They are easy to make, easy to take with you anywhere and good for you!!  Plus, these have chocolate chips.  They are so good.   I love the variety of fruit (cranberries, dates and blueberries) and nuts (almonds and pecans) in these...and did I mention there was chocolate?  I already have them cut into 10 bars and put them into snack bags so I can just grab the bag and go.  It is so convenient, delicious and good for you!

After my 6 year old took a bite of these, she exclaimed, "My taste buds are going on a delicious journey."  Not sure where she comes up with some of the things that pop in her head, but she loves these too.

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