Monday, August 6, 2012


Earlier today, I posted about SWORKIT, a free workout app I came across.  Well, Ryan from SWORKIT contacted me about the awesome features that SWORKIT Pro has and even gave me a code to get SWORKIT Pro for FREE so I could try it.  Thank you, Ryan!

SWORKIT Pro is only $.99 and has these awesome additional features:

Audible Announcement of Exercises
Access to Videos During Workouts
Total Progress Training
Pause Between Exercise Options
Call Friends Out on Facebook and Twitter
Bonus Workout: Bootcamp-Inspired by US Army Fitness
Access to Future Feature Upgrades and Bonus Workouts

I LOVE IT!  I had received this free access after I had already worked out for the day, and I actually worked out AGAIN just so I could try it out.  I love that you can see a quick video tutorial on the move if you need them, that there is a pause button so you aren't using time on the clock to figure out what the next move is, and it has an Audio announcement that tells you what the next move is!  I highly recommend this App!!

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