Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Every bit counts...

Don't have time for a full workout?  Check out these exercises you can do throughout your day.  I must admit, I do some exercises while waiting for things to be done in the kitchen and while getting ready in the morning.  Obsessive or efficient?  :)

Do you want to burn a quick 100 calories?  Just do...
jumping jacks for 1 minute
run in place for 1 minute
jumping squats for 1 minute
march in place for 1 minute
walking lunges for 1 minute
front kick to back kick right leg for 1 minute
front kick to back kick left leg for 1 minute
sit ups for 1 minute
crunch to one side for 1 minute
crunch to the other side for 1 minute

I work out first thing in the morning, then I work and then i normally hop on my treadmill and run for 1-2 miles depending on how much time I have.  That takes me between 10-20 minutes.

Another easy way to fit in some working out is to do it while watching your favorite shows on TV.  Try to stay in plank position during a commercial break or stay in a wall squat.

Do you have any exercises that you do while doing every day activities?  Please share!

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