Monday, March 26, 2012

The Quick Workouts!

I do not have the time, as I am sure is the case for most people, for lengthy workouts. These days I have been working out about 6 days a week. I have a 6 year old daughter, an 8 year old son, and a husband. I work from home 40 hours a week.

Every workout I do, I do from home or around my neighborhood. I am a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan. HUGE! Most of her workouts are about 30 minutes long and that is about as long as I want to spend. I do sometimes do longer workouts, but the majority are 30 minutes long.

I get up in the morning, make lunches for the husband and kids, get the kids ready for school and as soon as the kids are on the bus, I am working out. It is very important to me that I work out first thing in the morning or else, the likelihood of me working out later in the day decreases exponentially.

Some favorite Jillian workouts are The 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30, 6 week Six-Pack, Yoga Melt Down, and Kickbox Fast Fix. Most of these DVDs have several workouts on them. In addition to the Jillian DVDs, I also do Yoga, Pilates and run/walk on the treadmill or outside. On Friday's, I have a shorter work day, so I have deemed it "5K Friday." I tend to use the treadmill more on Fridays and Saturdays because I can burn more calories quickly because those tend to be my high calorie days.

All I know is that a key to my weight loss has been the variety in my workouts. I am not someone who can do the same thing day after day. I will get bored and unmotivated. What is your workout routine? Please share!

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