Friday, October 5, 2012

Baked Apple Cider Doughnut Holes

I am a HUGE fan of doughnuts.  I eat them a lot less these days, but sometimes you just need to eat a doughnut.  Since it is fall and I seem to be enjoying all things apple, I knew I had to make them when I came across the recipe.  I found it here.  I didn't adapt the recipe in any way.  The only difference is that mine made 36 instead of her 24.

I even used the apple butter I made my previous post!  Yay ME!

Are these as bad as the fried version?  Heck no!  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some doughnut goodness.  These puppies are only 62 calories a piece!


  1. Where is the recipe? They look yummy!!!

    1. Click on the word "here" In the sentence "I found it here."