Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My New Toy!

I decided that I wasn't happy with the uncertainty of these apps that tell me how many calories I have been burning when I work out.  I mean, how do they know?  I could totally be going through the motions one day and working my butt off the next day and I still give myself the same credit for the workout when I log it into myfitnesspal.   Just like with my kitchen food scale, I needed to know what a serving size was.  So with my workout, I needed to know how many calories I was REALLY burning with each workout.

My new Heart Rate Monitor is quite a motivator!  I got a fairly basic Polar FT4.  I added in my height, weight and age and it does the rest!  There are many different styles and ones with a TON of bells and whistles on them.  You could pay hundreds!  Mine, I just wanted to know how many calories I was burning.  I feel no need to upload my workout info into my computer and map everything out.  I don't want to be that analytical.  Maybe some day, but I am happy with this one right now.

Every time I am in my target heart rate zone it quietly beeps to let me know I am where I am doing the best work.  It is pretty motivating to work hard in each workout just to hear that little beep.  I thought the chest strap was going to be a little distracting, but it really isn't.  I hardly notice it at all as I am sweating profusely.  :)

My only wish is that I had gotten one sooner.  I really love it!

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