Friday, February 22, 2013

Time to get serious again....

It is winter and we have all been inside hibernating, waiting for it to get warm so we can enjoy some fresh air and stretch our legs again.  I must admit that I have some work to do before it gets warm again.  I have gained about 8 pounds over the winter and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I still work out about 45 minutes to an hour a day, but I have been eating way more comfort food than I should.  Anyone who is facebook friends with me can confirm the amount of baking that has been going on at my house.

For the first time in my life, I am fine with the extra weight.  It is winter.  It is going to happen.  I told myself that I would never deprive myself of the things that I love and since I can't go outside and walk the dog, go to the pool, or play outside with the kids, I am going to bake.  I have loved the heck out of it.  I finally feel in control of it all.  I had lost about 80 pounds....losing 8 again shouldn't be too bad.  I just need to stop eating the junk.  I enjoyed the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas goodies and Valentine's sweethearts....spring is just around the corner, time to get back to work.

Anyone who has a fitness goal, whether it is to lose weight or maintain, don't get discouraged if you have a setback.  Just pick yourself back up and try again.  Never give up on yourself!  You can do it!  Just believe that you can!  

So, join me in my Spring time shape up!  Make better choices on what you eat.  Yes, there will be cravings.  Yes, you will eat ice cream/cookies/cake etc, but if you eat 80% of your daily allotted calories of good quality food, you will reap the benefits.  You can still treat yourself.  Just don't go crazy.  Measure your teats.  Serving sizes are important.  Just remember that the first bite of that cake tastes exactly the same as the 8th (I repeat this in my head all the time).  So I need to savor that first bite and know when to say when.   

This is my plan.  Does anyone else have a goal they are working towards?

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