Friday, May 24, 2013

Food of the week: EBOOST

Do you drink coffee all day?  Do you look for those energy drinks that have loads of calories or chemicals to help you get through the day?  I found a NATURAL energy drink that has only 10 calories.  It is EBOOST and I LOVE IT!  When I find myself dragging, I get the powder packets and dissolve one in a glass of water and go about my day.  There is pink lemonade and acai pomegranate.  There is also one that is Immunity Boosting.  Both of my kids had colds, so to try to not get a cold myself, I drank the Natural Orange to help boost my immunity.  It worked!!  I also love the fact that I don't crash after a few hours.  I found mine at the Vitamin Shoppe and at Amazon.  I highly recommend these as you can also keep some in your purse to have when you really need it.

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