Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Noodle Soup

Mmmmmmmm, Soup.
Hi there!  Remember me?  I know, it has been a while since I last posted, but you know how life gets sometimes, right?

I had never seen these before, but they are YUMMY!
Anywho, I had a bunch of leftovers from Thanksgiving so I made myself some yummy soup for my lunch this week.  I will try to give you measurements, but I honestly just threw some things in the pot.  In my stock pot, I sprayed some cooking spray and added 4 diced celery stalks, 1 medium onion, diced and about 15 sliced baby carrots.  I cooked them over medium high heat until almost tender then I tossed in about 10 oz of diced cremini mushrooms (button would work fine as well).  After all of the veggies were tender I added 10 cups of low sodium chicken broth.  Once it came to a boil I added half of the bag of whole grain noodles and cooked them for 1 minute less than the recommended time on the bag.  Then I added about 2-3 cups of diced turkey (you could also use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store) and about 1-2 Tablespoons of fresh thyme.  I let the turkey heat through for a couple of minutes and served it up!

This is a perfect lunch for me now that it is cold outside, I can just heat it up and eat.  YUMMMMMMMY!

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